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- Aide-Mémoire for the sommelier and the waiter, 2nd Edition

First edition written by Conrad Tuor

Second edition written by John Cousins and Cailein Gillespie

Paperback - 283 pages (2002) Published by Hodder and Stoughton Educational

ISBN: 0340848529

Wine and Food Handbook 2nd Edition is a handy quick reference guide to aspects of wine and other drinks, cuisine and food and beverage service.  It provides a useful resource for professional waiters and sommeliers, and for students on a broad range of food and beverage courses.  It is also used as a reference source for in-company training programmes.

This second edition of the Wine and Food Handbook was created in the memory of the late Conrad Tuor who was the Maître d’Hôtel Professor, The Hotel School, Lausanne, Switzerland.  This revision of the international edition offers up-to-date service and cuisine information, covers a wider variety of drinks and also includes information on a broader range of wine regions.

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