Table service

The service of food and beverages to a customer at a laid cover

Also called waiter service

Silver/English Service: Presentation and service of food to a customer by waiting staff from a food flat or dish.

Family Service: Main courses plated, and with vegetables, placed in multi-portion dishes on tables for customers to help themselves.  Any sauces are usually offered.

Plated/American service: Service of pre-plated foods to customers, now widely used in many establishments and in banqueting.

Butler/French Service: Presentation of food individually to customers by food service staff for customers to serve themselves.

Guéridon Service: Food served onto customer's plate at a side table or from a trolley.  Also may include carving, cooking and flambé dishes and the preparation of salads and dressings.

Bar Counter Service: Service to customers seated at a bar counter (often U shaped) on stools.

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