Specialised (or in-situ) service

Service to customers in areas not primarily designed for food and beverage service.

Tray Service: Service of a meal or part of a meal in a tray to the customer in-situ, e.g. in hospitals or in an aircraft.

Trolley: Service of food and beverage from a trolley, to customers, for instance, at their seats or desks.  Used, for example on an aircraft, on trains and in offices.

Home Delivery: Food and beverage delivered to a customer's home or place of work e.g. Pizza delivery, meals-on-wheels, or sandwiches to offices.

Lounge Service: Service of food and beverages in a lounge area e.g. in an hotel lounge.

Room Service: Service of food and beverages in guest apartments in an hotel, or in meeting rooms.

Drive In: Customers are served food and beverages to their vehicles.

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