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European Gastronomy into the 21st Century

Written by Cailein Gillespie

Contributing editor John Cousins

Paperback - 207 pages (2001) Published by Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 0750652675

European Gastronomy into the 21st Century is an ideal text to meet the needs of the industry professional, those with an interest in gastronomy, and students of hospitality management and culinary arts courses including and foundation and undergraduate degrees. 

Gastronomy covers the study of, and the development of understanding of, the origins of food and beverage traditions within social, economic and geographical contexts.  It also is about life skills and citizenship, being as much concerned with nutrition, food hygiene and health promotion as it is with the pleasures of good food, good wine, and in good company.  The study of gastronomy can lead to better understanding of, and a never-ending wonderment at, the nature of food and beverage customs, habits and rituals.

European Gastronomy into the 21st Century details different approaches to the study of gastronomy, and provides a rich source of historic and modern material.  The book also rovides a valuable starting point for those identifying gastronomy as a legitimate focus for postgraduate studies.

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